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Do you have a passion for politics, business or finance?  Or is sports your thing?  If you find yourself cursing at the commentary of the mainstream media pundits and feel that you know better, here is your chance.  Sign up as a guest pundit and have your voice heard.

For publication on the blog please follow these submission guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

  • Posts must be at least 450 words. Post length is a factor in determining approval for publishing. Keep in mind that articles should maintain quality and context. Extending an article’s length artificially is obvious to the reader, and more likely to be declined.
  • Posts must be in English – If you have an article in another language, please have it translated for submission. If English is your second language, please ensure that you have the article edited by an English-as-a-First-Language editor.
  • Posts must be original pieces with unique content written for Articles should not be republished anywhere else on the web except your own blog (neither party benefits from duplicate content).
  • Posts must be non-promotional (Not filled with links). An article should not read like an advertisement. If the post has affiliate links or is a blatant sales pitch, it will be rejected. It is alright to include the links of relevant sources pertaining to the subject of the article. You may include a link to your own site within your byline.
  • Posts may be edited for spelling, grammar, content, context, markup and optimization for search engines. If an article requires extensive editing the author will be notified and provided an opportunity to object or revise their work, or it will be declined with a note to the author on the issues.
  • Posts must be factually correct and referenced – We will do basic fact checking, but we expect you to do the same. Where necessary, references and resources should be linked.