Published On: Tue, Nov 14th, 2017

Will & Grace enters Very Special Episode territory with Rosario’s funeral

The Show:Will & Grace, Season 9, Episode 6

The Moment: The coffin talk

It’s funeral day for Rosario (Shelley Morrison), Karen’s maid and longtime sidekick, but Karen (Megan Mullally) is hiding out in a bar. Will (Eric McCormack) enters.

“I don’t need to parade myself up there and boo-hoo over my cleaning lady,” Karen tells him. “I don’t need to be told I’m going to regret it.”

He hugs her. She pretends to hate it, but when he moves away she pulls him back. The live audience awww’s.

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“If you want to see her she’s still there,” Will says. “And it’s OK if you can’t.”

Cut to Karen addressing the coffin: “Sorry I wasn’t here, but what the hell was I gonna say? ‘She was my maid. She was my sparring partner. She was my best friend.’ You were my everything, Rosario Yolanda Salazar.”

She notices a smudge on the lid. She pulls a spray cleaner from inside the coffin and wipes the smudge with the coffin’s tulle.

We’re only six episodes into this series reboot and already it’s a Very Special Episode? Oh, my ducklings, I know Peak TV can be hard. I know there are a lot of scary shows out there, asking you to make tough commitments to challenging subject matter. I know that retreads like this and Dynasty and even Curb Your Enthusiasm offer a respite, a portal back to a simpler television age.

But “You were my everything”? Please. What’s next, Jack (Sean Hayes) gets picked on and we get a Very Special Guest Appearance from Karen’s pal Melania Trump, shilling her anti-bullying shtick?

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Will & Grace enters Very Special Episode territory with Rosario’s funeral