Published On: Thu, Jul 12th, 2018

Valve Will Start Tailoring Steam's 'Upcoming' Tab to Users' Interests

The tab will no longer simply be a chronological list.

Valve has introduced a number of changes to Steam users’ “Upcoming” tab.

In a post, Valve detailed how the tab will now be customized for each user, showing games based upon individuals’ wishlists and pre-purchases and highlighting games from developers and publishers each user owns past games from.

“We believe Steam does a good job of taking early customer interest (even if that interest isn’t enormous) and helps a game amplify that interest through connection to quality customers,” reads the post. “This smarter list on the front page aims to do just that.”

A link at the bottom of the tab will also take users to a page offering suggested games based on each users’ interests and display those suggestions “in a much more digestible format.” The page will also filter out things users have said they’re not interested in and DLC for games they don’t own.

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These are changes from the old system, which had the Upcoming tab showing a purely chronological list of upcoming games. Users who prefer that style can stick with it by selecting the unfiltered list option in Steam.

“We think these changes are going to help connect you towards games you’re excited about and make browsing all the new games coming to Steam a more enjoyable and productive experience,” continues the post. “Making Steam more useful is never an exact science, so we’ll be maintaining and adjusting these new features as more and more of you use them to find games you want to play.”

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For users concerned about how much they end up spending with this improved recommendation system, Valve also now gives them the option to see how much they’ve spent on games. And users are able to spend on pretty much whatever they want since Valve decided last month to “allow everything” onto Steam.

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Valve Will Start Tailoring Steam's 'Upcoming' Tab to Users' Interests