Published On: Sat, Aug 18th, 2018

The Purge TV Series Costumes Bring DIY Horror to Life

Meet Ponytail, Electric Nun, Bunny Fingers, and…Ted Bundy?

Visiting the New Orleans set of the new Purge TV series – premiering September 4 on USA – I had a chance to speak to costume designer, Lauren Bott, to get the inside scoop on some of the new faces of fear we’ll be seeing on the upcoming show. As you know, The Purge, as a franchise, doesn’t have one look, as everyone who participates in the “holiday” can bring their own spark of madness to the proceedings. But there is one element these maniacal masks share.

“The most important factor is the DIY factor,” Bott explained, showing off an array of new looks and costumes from the series on one of the show’s sets. “They need to look like anyone can make them at home with simple supplies. And we also keep them super different because every single episode we’ve had there’s been a big scene with multiple stunt guys, so it’s just about making sure they can each look scary and cool and interesting. While also staying true to The Purge.”

With this new Purge series focusing more on its characters than the previous four films did, Bott wanted to make sure the personal touches weren’t lost from the masks. “The main thing with each of the masks, and just with the costumes in general,” she said, “is mixing a human element with some level of disgust.”

“There’s a ponytail blonde where we just oversell the eyes and oversell the mouth,” she added. “You need to know there’s a human underneath. If you lose the human element completely, you looks the scare factor.”

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In the final frame of the slideshow gallery (above), you’ll see a table of simple serial killer masks. “[They’re] a huge part of the Stanton Mansion [Purge Night] party. The idea was that they all just took iconic serial killers and tried to make them look chic and interesting. These are wealthy party goers so they’re not going to go for something shocking or disgusting. It had to go with their ball gowns.”

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The Purge TV Series Costumes Bring DIY Horror to Life