Published On: Sun, Sep 23rd, 2018

Report: First 1,000-Year-Old Human Might Already Be Alive

The world's first 1,000-year-old human might already be alive, according to researcher Aubrey de Grey, and artificial intelligence firm SingularityNET CEO Ben Goertzel agrees, Inverse reported.

The belief is based on an assertion A.I. technology can predict how drugs interact with the body and scientists will be able to solve seven types of aging damage.

"It's not even that extremely visionary in the view of what longevity freaks like Aubrey and I believe, because I think we could easily be 10 or 20 years away, or even five years away from something that would let most people who took the therapy extend the lifespan by say, 10 or 20 years beyond it would be otherwise," Goertzel told Inverse at the Human-Level Artificial Intelligence conference in Prague, Czech Republic. "And once you're at that point, then hopefully there's a virtuous cycle that happens.

"Because once there's some therapy that will let the person who took it live to an average age of 95 instead of 85, then the world gets excited. And then you'll see more resources and enthusiasm going into this type of research, and then you'll see more discoveries."

Aging in cells can be reversed by disrupting genetic processes, a University of Exeter study found this week and A.I. can progress science more quickly than ever.

"With the automation of biology lab equipment, you're going to have the A.I. triggering its own experiments," Goertzel told Inverse. "So you can have you have A.I.s that are doing guided, directed evolution experiments on yeast, for instance, so that you do some genetic engineering on yeast, you observe what the modified yeast do based on the observations and feedback to the app, which suggests new modifications so that the A.I. is guiding the research on microorganisms.

"Right now that's only happening a few places, but that's certainly going to grow bigger."

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Report: First 1,000-Year-Old Human Might Already Be Alive