Published On: Sat, Jan 12th, 2019

Ian Bremmer: Many GOP, Dems 'Hate' the Other Side

Americans are divided as ever when it comes to politics, political scientist Ian Bremmer argues in a new commentary.

Bremmer, the founder of political risk consultancy firm Eurasia Group and media company GZero Media, cited recent poll data to say that many Republicans and Democrats aren't even willing to talk to the other side.

"When it comes to political views, a recent study found that 94 percent of Democrats now stand to the left of the median Republican in office and 92 percent of Republicans stand to the right of the median Democrat," Bremmer said in a video piece published on Business Insider.

"Today, half of Republicans recently polled say they hate Democrats and nearly that many Democrats say they hate Republicans."

He added, "More and more, we congregate inside our own bubbles where we confirm our biases and connect with others who share them."

It's not clear where Bremmer got the data, but it is clear that a divide exists on Capitol Hill as well. There, some members of both parties seem unwilling to break at all from their beliefs on issues.

The current government shutdown, which hit the three-week mark on Friday, began in December after lawmakers were unable to agree on funding a wall along America's southern border with Mexico. With Democrats now in control of the House, it's looking less and less likely that Congress will approve the wall's construction.

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Ian Bremmer: Many GOP, Dems 'Hate' the Other Side