Published On: Thu, Jan 10th, 2019

Harry Reid Wants More Government UFO Studies

Former Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., is urging lawmakers to dig into whether UFOs and aliens exist.

Reid spoke with Nevada Public Radio about his life as a retired senator, which now has him battling pancreatic cancer. But one issue he wants to see action on is UFOs.

"I think it is something we can't ignore," Reid said. "I personally don't know if there exist little green men places. I kind of doubt that, but I do believe the information we have indicates we should do a lot more study."

Reid pointed to the numerous reported sightings of unidentified flying objects by civilian and military pilots as a reason to look deeper. He told the station he is working with an unnamed member of Congress to create an avenue for military pilots to report UFO sightings away from the commanders.

Politico ran a story in December 2017 that confirmed Reid played a key role in getting funding for a government UFO study approved in 2009. The program cost more than $ 20 million and was given the green light through an earmark Reid added to a Senate bill.

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Harry Reid Wants More Government UFO Studies