Published On: Thu, Jul 12th, 2018

Fortnite Season 5: Big Map Changes and New Desert Area

Fortnite Season 5 brought a lot of different changes but the new map updates are certainly the biggest. A new desert biome was introduced, two new named locations were added, and a variety of smaller changes were implemented.

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For more on Season 5, check out the 5.0 Patch Notes and our tips page for the Week 1 Challenges.

Coming straight out of Season 4, the map will look a bit different. Here is a full image of the new and updated map:

EditThe Desert Biome

What was once the swampy and empty lands of the southeastern corner of the map is now a bustling desert landscape with tall mountains, roads, and plenty of structures.

The old racetrack has gotten a big update with actual pavement that works perfect with the new All Terrain Kart.

The road that ends near Lucky Landing has a nice little gas station worth checking out.

Before the gas station is an old ghost town set higher up on a hill.

Sadly, the addition of this cool new area means Mosity Mire is no more. The prison also got the boot, but that poor area was already suffering after the meteor that struck it.

EditParadise Palms

This lavish area set in the center of the desert biome will likely become a new hotspot despite its distance from the center of the map. There’s a large apartment building with a nearby pool while the rest of the town is filled with homes and a gas station.

The duplicate farm known as Anarchy Acres is gone and in its place is the new Lazy Links. This golf resort features several buildings, golf courses, tennis courts, and even a parking lot.

EditDusty Divot

Last season, Dusty Divot continued to see nature start to reclaim the giant crater and with the start of Season 5, we see it come to completion. The entire crater is now filled with giant trees and the buildings within have been abandoned. There are even a few ponds of water.

EditVikings on a Mountain

The big mountain northwest of Greasy Grove and southeast of Snobby Shores got a big update this time around. Instead of the single house at the top, the entire top of the mountain has been transformed into a vikings village. There a log cabins, snow on the ground and in the air, there’s a ship, and there’s even a giant waterfall.

EditSoccer Stadium?

The large soccer stadium north of Pleasant Park that was added just a few weeks ago has suddenly been removed. What’s in it’s place? Well, nothing. It’s just a lot of grass, some trees, and a Stonehedge statue.

EditStonehenge Statues

Stonehenge statues have been spotted in different parts of the map. The first in the area where the soccer stadium used to be, north of Pleasant Park. The second is between Loot Lake and Dusty Divot.


A third can be found west of Salty Springs on top of a hill. You can normally find two chests at each of these statues. A fourth sits on the hill west of Lonely Lodge.

Two more statues have been found. One is on the hill north of Greasy Grove and the other is to the west and across the river from Lucky Landing.

EditWhere Did the Fox Run off To?

Another strange disappearance. The giant brick fox that could be found on the east side of Wailing Woods near the coast has suddenly disappeared. Nothing was put in its place, just an empty space. On a related note, the metal crab over at Moisty Mire was also removed, but that entire zone was revamped.

EditDurr Burger

From the top of the burger joint to the real-world California desert, the Durr Burger has been where no other burger has ever gone. Now it rests at the top of a hill east of Pleasant Park and west of Loot Lake.

EditNOMS Sign Located

Head over to the hills east of Risky Reels to find the NOMS sign, an object that swept away by a rift late last season. The sign originates from Retail Row where it hung above the grocery store. Check behind the sign for a chance to see a chest!

EditGoodbye, Sweet Prince

The Tomatohead at the top of the pizza place in Tomato Town was sucked into a rift last season. Since then it has not made an appearance, in-game or in the real world. If you go up to the roof of the pizza shop, you’ll find a sign that shows just how real the pain of losing him is.

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Fortnite Season 5: Big Map Changes and New Desert Area