Published On: Tue, May 21st, 2019

Ex-Air Force Aide: Pentagon’s UFO Interest Not About Aliens

Despite new rules being developed by the U.S Navy for personnel to report “unidentified aircraft,” the Pentagon is not really hip to the idea aliens are visiting planet Earth, a former science adviser to the Air Force reports on

“Based on my prior experience . . . I believe that the Pentagon wants to avoid this type of confusion, so it needs to better understand flying objects that it can’t now identify,” writes Iain Boyd, a Professor of Engineering in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan.

“During a military mission, whether in peace or in war, if a pilot or soldier can’t identify an object, they have a serious problem: How should they react, without knowing if it is neutral, friendly or threatening? Fortunately, the military can use advanced technologies to try to identify strange things in the sky.”

A recent uptick in sightings of unidentified flying objects prompted the Navy to draft guidelines for pilots to document encounters, though the Navy in its announcement said it was not endorsing the notion that its personnel had encountered alien spacecraft.

“UFOs represent an opportunity for the military to improve its identification processes,” Boyd wrote.

“In my view, the Navy’s new approach to reporting UFO encounters is a good first step. This may eventually lead to a comprehensive, fully integrated approach for object identification involving the fusion of data from many sensors through the application of artificial intelligence and autonomy.”

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Ex-Air Force Aide: Pentagon’s UFO Interest Not About Aliens