Published On: Sun, Aug 19th, 2018

AI Revolution: China Unveils Robot Doctors, Teachers, Soldiers

China’s “robot revolution” is reportedly pouring out bots to diagnose illnesses, teach and go to war.

At the World Robot Conference, which ends Sunday, an array of machines showed how technology may one day replace human workers, an Agence France-Presse report posted on revealed.

"Robots are the jewel in the crown for the manufacturing industry… a new frontier for our industrial revolution," Xin Guobin, China's vice minister of industry, said in opening the conference, AFP reported.

With China’s aging population and increased wealth, President Xi Jingping in 2014 called for a “robot revolution” that could address a looming worker shortage and increased labor costs, the report noted.

China is now the world's number one market for industrial robots with 141,000 units sold last year, accounting for a third of global demand, according to the International Federation of Robotics, AFP reported.

At the conference, on display was a mechanical arm — designed to teach children — that painted an elegant Chinese character while a robotic fish explored its tank and a bat flapped its mechanical wings overhead, AFP reported.

But one of the most popular exhibits were small, amateur-made "battle bots.”

"With this robot, I can fully express myself. I love the sparks," said Huang Hongsong, one of around a dozen Chinese young people whose creations went head-to-head, AFP reported

There were also doctor bots at the Beijing show.

China's iFlytek, a specialist in speech recognition systems, presented a new "medical assistant" robot that it said was able to help identify up to 150 diseases and ailments — even passing a national medical qualification exam with a high score.

The robot, which operated in conjunction with a doctor, asks patients a series of diagnostic questions and can also analyze X-rays.

"It's already being used in hospitals since March and has made some 4,000 diagnoses," company president Liu Qingfeng told the news outlet.

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AI Revolution: China Unveils Robot Doctors, Teachers, Soldiers